About Us


Stoke House is the epitome of prestige, combining luxurious surroundings and a family atmosphere. It was built on reviving, revolutionising, and reigniting the hunger for the better things in life. Stoke House is a progressive modern restaurant experience that embraces the diversity of our members and guests. Designed to offer an elegant and welcoming experience to network, relax, dine and entertain in good company and unrivalled comfort.

Why Stoke House


Stoke House constantly strives to create a lifestyle that consistently exceeds the expectations of our members & guests. It’s a place for family and friends. A place that offers comfort, security and is your home away from home. Our goal is to broaden the appeal beyond just food and create memorable, diverse experiences for all our guests and members. Stoke House is a place to meet, play, celebrate and most of all, feel like you belong

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